YAMAHA RM1x ใหม่เอี่ยมพร้อมฮาร์ดเคสYAMAHAแท้ JAPAN กรู๊ฟบอกซ์ ซีเควนเซ่อร์ Loopแพทเทิร์น Trance HipH

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  • หมวดหมู่ : DJ / Sampler / Groove Box
  • รหัสสินค้า : 001411

รายละเอียดสินค้า YAMAHA RM1x ใหม่เอี่ยมพร้อมฮาร์ดเคสYAMAHAแท้ JAPAN กรู๊ฟบอกซ์ ซีเควนเซ่อร์ Loopแพทเทิร์น Trance HipH

The incredible Yamaha RM1x is a complete dance-music workstation that is both a

Real-time performance instrument and a powerful production tool. An intuitive "hands-on" interface makes real-time operation easy for artists with a DJ background, while in-depth sequencing and editing functions make it possible to create the most complex original pattern from scratch. The RM1x also features a great-sounding tone generator with an enormous selection of great dance sounds built in. If dance is your style and you want the most powerful performance and production tools right at your fingertips, it doesn't get much better than this: the Yamaha RM1x Sequence Remixer.

 RM1x – Your Main Remix Machine

You can instantly switch between 16 "sections" included in each pattern simply by tapping keys on the RM1x's large keyboard and use the real-time controller knobs to bend, twist, and shape your sound on the fly. It's a snap to mute and un-mute tracks during playback. A single RM1x is all you need to keep the dance floor jumping all night long. Furthermore, you can combine the RM1x with other MIDI-compatible music gear for even greater versatility.

 The RM1x for Production

If you're into serious music production as well as real-time tweaking, the RM1x gives you everything you need. In addition to a top-quality tone generator with 700 voices which can be edited to create precisely the sound your grooves require, the RM1x features a fully blown, powerful sequencer that lets you create and edit original patterns with total control.

 Variety of Record Modes

You can record original material by using a variety of record modes – real-time replace, real-time overdub, punch-in, step and grid. These modes are designed to work for many different types of musicians. The grid mode provides a programming interface that many artists with a DJ background will already be familiar with. You can edit the recorded material and add effects to polish and refine the final sound.

 MIDI Compatible

RM1x is MIDI compatible and includes a full complement of MIDI functions makes it an ideal core device for a sophisticated MIDI dance production system.

 Dance Oriented Sounds

An extensive arsenal of 700 outstanding dance-oriented sounds.

Styles, Patterns and Phrases

An awesome assortment of 50 preset styles, 960 patterns and 7,726 phrases.

Assignable Control Knobs

Eight assignable real-time control knobs, a large LCD display with 4 display knobs and a large multi-function keyboard.


Each "style" has up to 16 "sections" which can be switched in real time during playback via the RM1x keyboard.

 16 Track Sequencer

Powerful 16 track sequencer with 110,000 note memory and 480 clocks/quarter note resolution lets you record original material via the RM1x keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard using a versatile range of record modes: real-time replace, real-time overdub, punch-in, step and grid.

Sequence Editing Functions

In-depth sequence editing functions make it possible to create and refine complex patterns and musical textures with extraordinary precision.

 Edit Voices

Edit and refine the RM1x voices to create sounds that most ideally suit your own music.

 Multi-Effect System

A sophisticated multi-effect system can be used to add anything from subtle ambience to wild variations.

 Play Effects

Real-time "Play Effects" including harmonize with unison and octave functions, beat stretch, clock shift, gate time, and velocity offset.

 Floppy Disk

Built-in floppy disk drive for convenient, low cost data storage and retrieval.


 LCD Display

The RM1x backlit LCD displays panel is undoubtedly the largest and most comprehensive available on a production tool in its class, making operation extraordinarily easy and efficient – and it even has a cool-looking "negative" display mode. Whether you're editing detailed sequence parameters, adjusting track pan or volume, or tweaking effect send levels, the RM1X display and control interface offer unprecedented ease and efficiency.

 Knobs and Function Buttons

The four knobs and function buttons located immediately below the display directly control corresponding parameters on the display. No need for time-consuming incrementing or decrementing of numbers when you're in the middle of a show or trying to turn a creative brainstorm into real sound – just grab a knob and turn to get the effect you want.

 Real Time Controller Knobs

One of the features that makes the RM1x a great performance tool is its real-time controller knobs that let you tweak the corresponding parameters in real-time during playback. The knobs can be set to sweep filter cutoff frequency, pitch bend, add and modify effects or control just about any available parameter.

 Controller Knob Features

Edits you make with the controller knobs can actually be recorded in real-time, or applied to the sequence data later by using the appropriate editing job. You can hear the results as you are recording or editing make it easier than ever to pinpoint the groove you're after. Whether you're editing material originally created on the RM1x or "remixing" MIDI sequence data created on other equipment, the RM1x offers easy intuitive control that can lead to truly inspired creations.

 Eight Controller Knobs

You have instant access to multiple parameters, and you can control more than one parameter at the same time. There's also a KNOB button, which switches between two sets of parameters for all 8 knobs. The parameters listed on the panel are the default assignments, but other parameters can be assigned as required. In addition to controlling internal RM1x parameters these knobs as transmit MIDI control change data-ideal for real-time control of other external MIDI instruments and devices.

 Main Modes:




The Patterns mode provides access to most of the RM1x's performance and recording functions as well as the powerful, convenient Patch function.

 Patch Function

The Patch function make it easy to select phrases from the huge selection of 7,726 provided with the RM1x or phrases you've recorded yourself, and "patch" them together to create complete patterns. This ability to mix and match a variety of rhythm, bass, and chordal/melodic phrases lets you create a virtually unlimited range of new patterns quickly and easily.

 Pattern Chain

Another feature that is deal for dance-music production, the PATTERN CHAIN mode, allows preset and/or original patterns to be easily "chained" together for automatic sequential playback.

 Sub Modes:


The RM1x Grid Groove function makes it possible to adjust the note offset, clock shift, gate offset, and velocity offset of the notes in a specified track via a 1-measure 16th-note grid to create "grooves" that would not be possible with precise sequencer-like programming.

 Harmonize Play Effect

The Harmonize feature adds considerable flexibility to the RM1x play effects by allowing unison harmonization to create deliberate out-of-phase effects, octave harmony, and the addition of 2 parallel harmony lines.


The ability to create simple arpeggios via an easy-to use grid interface adds a greatly to the versatility and depth of the RM1x. In addition to data transmission via MIDI, it can be recorded to internal sequencer.


Detailed effect editing to add finishing touches to your sound with Yamaha's professional studio-quality reverb, delay, modulation, distortion, and an extensive range of other effects.

 Voice Edit

This sub mode provides access to in-depth voice editing parameters that you can use to customize voices for your own personal sound. A comprehensive range of envelope generator, LFO, filter and other parameters make it a breeze to match the RM1x sound to your music.


The SETUP sub mode includes a LOW BOOST function with a wide 24dB range for ground shaking bass (mind those speakers – low boost is POWERFUL!), knob assignment for the RM1x's real-time control knobs, and individual output channel assignments for the internal tone generator and MIDI transmission.


The JOB sub mode gives you access to the RM1x's extensive range of PATTERN, PATERN CHAIN, and SONG jobs. The PATTERN mode, for example, offers a range of 36 jobs to perform functions such as quantization, transposition, creating crescendos and glides, creating rolls, and much, much more.

 Tap/Enter Button

Tap BPM entry lets you define tempos the way you feel them rather than with numbers.

 Multi-function Keyboard and Mode Buttons

This 26-note keyboard makes it possible to program the RM1x without having to connect an external MIDI keyboard. It's even polyphonic (the RM1x has a 64-note polyphony), so you can directly enter chords as well as single notes. The keyboard also acts as an easy-to-use real-time interface for a range of functions including track selection, transposition, numeric data entry, track mute/solo, and section selection.

 Black Keys

The "black keys" also perform a range of other functions, such as selecting specific mute track ranges and memorizing a number of track mute setups.

 Mute Memory

The mute memory function lets you specify groups of tracks, which can then be instantly muted or un-muted, by pressing a single-key.

 Floppy Disk Drive

 You can conveniently save and load RM1x data at any time and load SMF (Standard MIDI File) data created on other sequencers or computer-based systems. You can then use the RM1x's editing features and/or real-time control capabilities to "remix" the data to create the groove you require.